"cycle tracks will abound in utopia"

"Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world." - Grant Petersen

Now that Dan and I are officially residents of Sanford, a tiny yet free-spirited town, having a bicycle is essential for day-to-day life.  We live in the Historic District and are less than a mile from downtown and the beautiful Lake Monroe, which makes our area incredibly bike-friendly.  It's so much fun to ride down to the cozy cafés, farmers markets, book stores, and numerous art galleries that dot the area.  Everyday I look forward to hopping on my cruiser and discovering what new adventure awaits us in our little town.  

Below, you'll see what has more or less been my unofficial uniform since the move.  

(side note: I wish more than anything that Marc by Marc Jacobs key chain was mine (it's sold out - ugh), and the Fat Tire beer is just so delicious that I had to feature it.. You've got to try it out)


quote by H.G. Wells.
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