valentine's inspiration: lingerie love anytime

I'm a definite love of lingerie, and even more-so when Valentine's Day approaches.  The temptation to buy every sexy, little piece of  silk, satin and lace haunts you everywhere you look, and all those online holiday sales definitely do no not help.  I'm usually pretty good about guilt-tripping myself out of splurging since I won't wear it a ton (I mentally chant "Think about all the fabulous SHOES you could buy, Ashley!"), but I've finally found myself a little loophole.  
There are so many gorgeous pieces of lingerie that can double as dresses if layered properly or worn as a sexy peek-a-boo piece under a slouchy tank top.  So now you can splurge (without guilt) on lingerie with the confidence that you'll be able to wear it multiple ways!  You have to love fashion for it's endless possibilities..

I'd love to wear the Corset Ruffle Bottom Slip with a slouchy, gray cashmere sweater, the Finale in Fringe (Huge Spring trend alert!) Slip with a tight, nude mini-dress or a bathing suit underneath, and the Viscose Voile Slip with a boyfriend blazer or long sweater.

These pretty, little things would look great under a slouchy white tank top with skinny jeans and some killer heels.. Like so:

Hope this gives you some inspiration to rock your lingerie in different ways; I know I'll be doing it. I hope all you gorgeous people out there have a wonderful Valentine's day weekend.. And whatever your relationship status may be, remember to treat yourself!


Photo via pinterest and addicted to the hype.
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