style inspiration: elin kling

Although I tend to gravitate more towards a bohemian style, Elin Kling's perfect mix of Swedish simplicity and  sexy, rocker edginess is a great inspiration for me.  She doesn't wear a lot of color (which I love), yet always manages to develop beautiful, interesting, and aesthetically pleasing ensembles.  Plus, many of the pieces shes uses to style her looks are basics everyone has in their own closets.  Elin gives off the vibe that she could throw anything on and make it look alluring and perfect.  Such an effortless look. 


Photos via rose modern and style by kling. 
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ChiccaStyle said...

She's amazing and with a great sense of style!!!

Carrie said...

Wow...love this...great blog!
XO Carrie

purse 'n boots said...

im with you on this one, her style is impeccable. totally on point!! and the color of her hair?! don't even get me started.....love!!! and that music festival you went too looks super funnnn! thanks for your sweet comments! much love

ashley <3


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Great fashion inspiration...loving it all.

strawberry freckleface

DressMeUp-DressMeDown said...

This is how I've wanted to look my entire life!! Great blog..I'm definitely following. Check mine out if you get a chance! :) http://dressmeup-dressmedown.blogspot.com/

Where's My Other Shoe? said...

ugghhhhh her hair is always AMAZING. bah!

and you can get that kind of shot with a fish eye camera, or fish eye lense! an easy place top get one is at urban outfitters ;)

Ashley Johnson said...

I know - her hair is perfection. And thanks so much for the camera tip! I need to buy one stat..