new beginnings

 guest room with DIY burlap dust ruffle to go with the rustic theme
guest bed for all of you lovely people who will be spending many, many weekends here*cough cough Eleni and Berkeley*
 shoe display (the rest of my shoes are sneakily hidden in the built in cabinet underneath all the pillows)
 an ever-changing extra clothing rack that serves as a sort of a seasonal inspiration piece
I know that taking this long of a hiatus in the blogger world is simply unacceptable, but moving into the new house and getting acclimated has occupied way more time than I expected.  By the time I'm actually done working for the day, I usually spend my nights having a few glasses of wine with the boyfriend while enjoying our new pad, then dozing off in this sleepy little town pretty early.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a teeny tiny sneak peak into the house.  I wanted to feature the guest/closet room first, as I'm sure that's way more interesting than a kitchen to all you fashionistas.  We had to be creative  with our closet space, as the house was built in 1910 and walk-ins didn't exist back then.  With the help of my handy grandfather and understanding boyfriend, we made it all work.

Since I only had a few small closets to work with, I decided to display some of my favorite pieces out in the open to free up more space.  I used the guest bedroom as a place to showcase some of my favorite pieces; the handmade, wooden rack displays my favorite shoes of the moment (as well as classics like my Louboutins), and the clothing rack (I can't believe I just got one of these - I'm OBSESSED) is filled with current trends and general themes I'm currently feeling.  I plan on changing it out frequently - either by season, or just when a new wave of inspiration hits me.  I'd like to think of it as a 3D inspiration board - plus, it helps me choose my outfits so much faster, as I tend to struggle with that at times.

Hope you enjoyed the tiny sneak peak, and I'll be able to give you a proper tour of the new place as soon as it's finished and worthy to show all you fabulous people.  I've missed you!

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Zoë Kate said...

Your house looks beautiful! Makes me want to redecorate!!! Love the shoe display!


Anonymous said...

Looks great Ashley! Love the shoe display too. Excited for you and Dan and this new adventure!

Anonymous said...

Your house looks just amazing. Glad all that hard work is paying off!