free people + vegan leather

When I received the email introducing Free People's new line of eco-friendly Vegan Leather, I was so excited I practically jumped out of my chair.  While I do own a few real leather pieces, I always feel so much better about my outfit when I know no animal was harmed in order for me to make a fashion statement.  The vegan leather is soft and supple - just like real leather, and is cheaper as well!  This will go down as a definite win-win in my book.  Here's to looking like a badass while being kind to mother nature.


p.s. Here's a little video explaining more about the line.  

Side Note: I am so so so so sorry for the hiatus from the blog.  Moving and job hunting is still owning my life, but hopefully things will be back to normal soon.
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Teresa said...

Their new line is so chic, I'm totally loving it!

Your newest follower T,