[Cut Copy with my gorgeous best friends for my Birthday]
[At a Widespread Panic show with my two favorite boys]
[Enjoying rainy, fall days]
[Happy Hours in Tallahassee]
[Finding a old book on a bike ride through the city]

I thought I'd do a big post with some random shots of what's been going on in my life lately.  I was lucky enough to have all my favorite people come into town to celebrate my Birthday;  We filled it with delicious dinners, mimosa-fueled brunches, and topped it off with an amazing Cut Copy show.  I then spent the week in Tallahassee (the old stomping grounds) with Dan while he worked.  It was great to see all our friends and visit some of our old haunts.  We then went up to Atlanta to catch a Widespread Panic show, and, as usual, they did not disappoint.  It's been a wild couple of weeks, but it's good to finally be back home.  


p.s.  Lovely Little Vices also had a big day this month - as of October 9th, LLV is officially ONE year old!  My how time flies...
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evs said...

Happy birthday, LLV! So proud of you and all your successes. xoxox