food truck madness

If you haven't heard by now, food trucks are the new craze in the restaurant industry.  They're similar to an old school street vendor, however, they carry everything from cupcakes, to Korean tacos, to soul food, and communicate their ever-changing locations via Twitter or Facebook.  A few late-night food trucks have popped up in little ol' Tallahassee, Florida, so my boyfriend, roommate and I made our way over to one as soon as we could.  Since we knew the guys who owned MoBi, we were lucky enough to try everything on the menu and then some.  It was quite the feast - especially after a few cocktails.
Speaking of drunk food, since today is ST. PADDY'S DAY (Wooo Irish Car Bombs!) look out for MoBi around Proof, Potbelly's or the Tennessee Strip if you're in Tallahassee and in need of some yumminess.

If you'd like to try out some food truck fair in your area, here are some websites that will help you locate the various businesses:

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