naive melody

 A rare moment of relaxation.. They certainly don't come very often anymore.  Damn the real world, right?  Anyway, this Topshop fisherman's cardigan is my new favorite lounge piece.  It's kind of like a more fashionable snuggie..? I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it's insanely comfortable (even more so with my big furry blanket and a great book).  I love simple pleasures like that in life.  Here are a few other photos that are currently making me very happy on this dreary, rainy Monday..


Images via Vogue Weekend, SRC783, Google Images, Tumblr, Life of Boheme.
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purse 'n boots said...

LOVE this dreamy post!!! so good! and how good is that talking heads song?! amazing. thank you thank you for the sweet comment----so stoked you liked the lookbook!!

ashley <3

Ashley Johnson said...

Thanks so much!! That means a ton coming from you :) I love that you share my obsession for the Talking Heads!

Anonymous said...

I totally love this pictures. So much inspiration ! lovely blog, hun!