the goods - target for missoni

 Thanks to my loving boyfriend, I managed to get a ride off the island we're staying on to the closest Target (which wasn't very close at all - I had to do some serious begging) to get my hands on some of the much hyped about Missoni for Target pieces.  Everything was pretty much picked over by the time we got there - there were absolutely no small sizes to be found, but I did end up with some cute things none the less.  I'm especially excited about the silk head scarf that I'll be rockin' on the beach today, the big, cozy men's sweater that I'll be living in all winter, and some new flatware for the kitchen.  I hope everyone got the pieces they were looking for.. All the madness was definitely worth it.

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naiad said...

u definitely bought some nice stuff- i really like your new scarf!!!

u have suc a nice blog!!!! i just started following you!

Don't bother to pass by anytime..:)