here kitty kitty

This has nothing to do with the usual content of my blog, however, this is too cute not to share. 

Dan and I have been out of town a lot recently, and my car hasn't been used at all - or so I thought.  I walked out of our house this morning, and a tiny black cat darted by from under my car.  I looked underneath it, and found a mamma cat laying there.. And then another baby cat fell from the chassis of my car.. Then another.    I gave them water and a cut up organic hotdog (which they seemed to love since they ate it all up) to try to lure them out from underneath, and it worked.  They played for about an hour all around the car, so I took some photos and then went inside to make some tea.  They appeared to be gone the next time I checked, but then I saw a tail hanging down from beneath my car.. I guess it's a prime spot for a cat nap?  

Not really sure how I'm going to drive anywhere today (I'm petrified that I'm going to hurt one), but, hopefully, they'll just learn to hang around the house instead.  Any stray cat tips would be greatly appreciated, as I'd love to be able to provide the little homeless family some food every now and then!

Follow lovely little vices.

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