creature comforts

Monday mornings usually feel a bit harsh after a long, fun weekend, so I often find myself wanting to curl up in something soft and luxurious while I'm getting things done around the house.  In my opinion, nothing helps soothe a case of the Mondays more than some silky lingerie, an over-sized sweater, a hot cup of espresso, and some Bon Iver playing in the background.

Also, here are a few of my favorite photos to give you some cozy inspiration and hopefully make your Monday morning a little bit better.
Photos courtesy of vogue weekend and sky so blues.

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Fashion Ranger said...

This post was very good. I loved it!
I want more.

Ashley Johnson said...

Thanks so much! It definitely reflects the mood I'm in today - I'm still in my lounge-ware :)

Jaz said...

Cute. I'm a fashion student who hates to get dressed. I'll take cozy walking to class anyday, especially since it's freezing!