je ne sais quoi

[b.b. dakota leather jacket. easy money jeggings. gianni bini booties. f21 tank. free people fools gold necklace. vintage bracelets and rings. louis vuitton speedy]

My favorite kind of looks are the ones that look effortless - like you woke up in the morning and grabbed the first thing in your closet.  French women are known for mastering this sort of style - they always look natural, but have this certain "je ne sais quoi" about them.  I believe that the best way to achieve this Parisian look is to stick with the basics; I chose my favorite pair of skinny jeans, a basic tank top, comfortable booties, a thin leather jacket, and my go to Louis Vuitton.  The key is to find that perfect balance of casual and chic, know when to tone things down or amp them up, and purchase quality wardrobe staples you can wear season after season.  Basically, just recognize what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy (in that understated way no one can put their finger on).  Isn't that what the essence of French culture is all about?  Look your best, and you'll feel your best - and everyone will be sure to notice.

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Tali said...

Love love love the jacket and the boots!
The jacket goes straight to my to-sew list! It's so raw and cool.

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arash said...

Excellent advice I also love the black and white photos. You're right it's all about sticking to the classic staples and filling your wardrobe with these pieces and you know then you won't have to worry about what to put on.


Pink Stilettos said...

Girl you have so much style! Love that jacket!!! Don't even mention the shoes and that bag! LOVE IT xoxo


Ashley Johnson said...

Thanks so much for spreading the love! I had a lot of fun with this outfit.. Probably one of my favorites because it was so low maintenance and very wearable :)

Annushka said...

You very beautiful dear!!!))) Very nice post and blog!!! Lovely.

Madeleine said...

This is such an effortless look. Very chic and lots of sophistication.

Marie said...

totally heart that jacket! so cool and deconstructed. i've always wanted to capture the mystique of french women's style as well.

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LUXE ROSE said...

love love looove your style!