an early holiday surprise for one of my amazing readers..

Hi loves.  I'm excited to announce that in a few days I will be launching a Jeff Silverman shoe giveaway!  For those of you who are not familiar with his work, Jeff has been in the industry for the past 30 years and was the former president of Steve Madden; needless to say, I'm incredibly honored to be collaborating with him.  
I've been working on this for about a month and have kept it very hush-hush, so you can only imagine my delight when I found out that I get to share this with you today.  I will have a lot more information shortly - so keep checking back with Lovely Little Vices.  Also, a heads up to my fellow fashion bloggers:  Jeff will be giving me an additional 3 pairs of shoes to give away to the top 3 bloggers who would like to host his store on their site, so please let me know if you're interested.  Hope y'all are as excited as I am!

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Miranda said...

I'm very interested in hosting his store, if you have details please e-mail me at indcfashion@gmail.com


Angga said...

This is such a good idea!!! will email you in a bit

Natasha said...

This is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING...I would love to host his store on my blog as well...How can we get in touch?

My email is chiccurve@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you :)

Fashion Tales.... said...

This looks like a fun opportunity!
I'd love to host his store on my site!
mail me at madd@london.com

mariannaxoxo said...

I would like to host his store on my blog tohttp://redpurplefashionista.blogspot.com/
may i ask you can we be a part of the giveaway if we live in greece? is it no matter where will live or not?

Ashley Johnson said...

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all your interest! The giveaway will be happening early next week, so I will keep you posted on any new developments. Tell your friends to become a follower of the little love list so they can have a chance of winning some amazing shoes, and bloggers - keep on emailing me and letting me know you're interested in working with Jeff! Check out the banner store I have on the left of my site to see what you could possibly be doing! Happy Friday!

Laura Mellor said...

Hey Ashley! Really hope I'm not too late to say, I'D REAAAAAALLYY LOVE TO HOST A JEFF SILVERMAN'S SHOE STORE ON MY SITE!! It's so exciting! I've only recently started blogging but have found my direction now and am getting ADDICTED, I'm putting posts out all the time now and really want to get to know everyone on IFB! I have 830ish Hits in the past month...so if i cant host the store, maybe we can do a link swap on pages <3
Laura xo