the forgotten coast

A few weeks ago when my gorgeous mother was in town, my boyfriend and I took her on a little day trip down to the coast (some more outfit photos here).  The St. Marks River and Apalachicola areas are much different than the beaches I know from my hometown, Clearwater, Florida, but they're equally beautiful in their own way.  We spent the day eating fresh seafood at a tiny restaurant on the river, enjoying the peacefulness of the wildlife refuge, and buying local treats such as tupelo honey (I love it so much I got a 3 pound bottle) and the salty goodness that is boiled peanuts.  Gotta love the little things in life..

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Francesca Felix said...

oooh this looks like such a fun vacay!! love these kind of trips
thanks for your comment :)

Zoë Kate said...

Sounds amazing! Great photos! I've only been to Florida once, and it was quite awhile ago, but I really liked it! These pictures make me want to go back!


Kristiane said...

Oh, bring me there. Looks amazing. I went to Florida once, F. Lauderdale, but I only saw the tourist side of it all I guess. Love the pictures of your crostinis by the way!! yum.

Love, Norway

the nyanzi report said...

love the pictures.