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Ever since I was a little girl, I've always been obsessed with Australia, and now that I'm older I've found that my interest in the Land Down Under hasn't wavered as a lot of my favorite designers and blogs are by girls hailing from Melbourne and Sydney.  Because I live in a balmy, tropical area, I just seem to naturally relate to their style more than that of a New Yorker's; I love the playful, laid back vibe of their looks.  Above are a few shots from RAFW.. All oozing with inspiration.


photos via style stalker, tommy ton, and the intersection 
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the 1st and last photos.

I only it was a little warmer here now, Australia has literally plunged into Winter since RAFW.

Amber said...

I love these photos. Some really great fashion pieces here!

Chelsea's Girl said...

Love all these photos! Great pics!
Very inspiring blog!




Zoe de gaia said...

Très jolie série de photos, pleine d epetits détails que j'adore !
fantastic photos !


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Where's My Other Shoe? said...

ugh, tell me about it! i couldn't agree more!!! love oz and their magical little creatures hehe ;)

Zoë Kate said...

Inspiration indeed! WOW. That blue skirt with the stars and unicorns (pegasus?) on it is too unbelievable!!!! I don't think I've seen a piece of clothing I felt that excited about in a while! haha. Awesome.


Francesca Felix said...

ooh these chicks have style!!! love the post