make sure to wear some feathers in your hair...

[Feather Hair Piece by Me.  Vena Cava for Aqua Top.  F21 Shorts.  Mossimo Supply Co. Kalayla Suede Ankle Boot.  Tarnish Satchel.  YSL, Tiffany, and Vintage Rings.  Vintage Bangles.]

After hearing about the new feather hair extension trend, I decided to do a little do-it-yourself project and make suede and feather hair clips.  I've worn it a few times now, and have received so many nice compliments.  When you wear one, it kind of makes you feel like frolicking around in an enchanted forest.  Regardless, it's a unique accessory that's a lot of fun.  

A few of my girlfriends have requested that I make them one, so I might even start selling them!  Let me know if you're interested, and I'd be happy to make one for you :)

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New York Don't Leave Me said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the feathers! I really want feather extensions! xo

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Strawberry Freckleface said...

Love your pretty wavy hair. And the trees with the sun look awesome here. Ah, summer. xo

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strawberry freckleface

il était une fois... said...

beautiful photos looks like such a nice day!! heart your boots!


Carolyn said...

the feathers are so cute! you should start selling them :)

Where's My Other Shoe? said...

you little cutie you!!!

M's said...

girl I love your blog!! Cute pics and cute style! Def your newest follower!

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Angel said...

ive been hunting some isabel marant dicker inspired boots too and finally stumbled upon mossimo kalayla! just bought it today for a mere $18! im excited!

Ashley Johnson said...

That's great, Angel! They're my favorite - I wear them all the time.