savory and sweet crostinis

For some reason, appetizers always seem to be my favorite part of dinner - probably because they pack a lot of flavor onto one little bite sized piece.  Crostinis are just that: delicious little slices of toast covered in what ever goodies your heart desires.  I made a variety for a dinner party the other day, and they were definite crowd pleasers.  I can't wait to try out different, seasonal ingredients!

Start off with some good, crusty bread.  I used a kalamata loaf and rosemary garlic.

I then chose a variety of ingredients - this is where the fun part starts.  While you're busy chopping your toppings, go ahead and place your bread in the oven at 425°, and bake until toasted.  I then used a base of goat cheese on each different crostini.

Goat cheese, avocado (mixed with some salt and fresh lime juice), and pepidews.

Goat cheese, roasted garlic spread, prosciutto, and fresh basil.

Goat cheese, salami, thyme, and Parmesan cheese. 

Goat cheese, a drizzle of balsamic, fresh strawberries, and crumbled pecan pralines.

The final product.  I'm proud to say not one crostini was spared.  Hope you enjoy these fresh, Summer treats, and let me know if you have a favorite crostini recipe, too!

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Anonymous said...

yum yum yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I'm on night duty at the moment and now I want to make CRUSTINI!!!

Libbie said...

OH MY! These look amazing! Thanks for sharing!


MacKenzie Smith said...