shrimp & grits

My mother's side of the family hails from the beautiful state of South Carolina, so it goes without saying that I love Southern cuisine.  One of my favorite dishes to make at home is shrimp and grits.  Some may think it's a bit odd if you're not from the South, but let me assure you - once you try it, you'll be hooked.  My boyfriend and I made it the other night using this recipe (by Paula Dean, of course), but made a few minor changes to make it our own.  We substituted pancetta (you can find it at your local deli) for the bacon, and also added fresh tomatoes and green peppers to add a bit more color.  It turned out to be absolutely delicious; perfect to eat in your back yard on these breezy summer nights.

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MacKenzie Smith said...

This makes me hate being allergic to shrimp even more. Gahhhhhh it looks good!

Sarah said...

Oh yummy! This is making me so hungry, and I've already eaten way too much today.



purse 'n boots said...

ummmmmmmi love me some food posts, and this one looks amazing. 2 of my favorite things. these are the things i am eating right now. right before summer. sooooo bad!! hahaha and paula deen is the best. i love all her. ok i'm rambling on about food! hahaa hope you have a great weekend!! and thanks for the #FF!!!

ashley <3