little things that are currently making me very happy...

 [My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree - Complete with Linus' blanket.  This tree NEEDS you!]
[My new Cheap Monday Bullet Rock Necklace that makes me feel oh so tough.  I think you should totally buy this, too.]
 [Reindeer Feed (yes, yes I know it's really called Puppy Chow, but I like this name a lot more).]
 [My Lenore ornament I first showed you here proudly displayed on my Christmas tree. Gotta love Edgar Allen Poe.]
[Finally having all the decorations up in my house.]
[Having the time to sit down and enjoy an amazing novel by one of my favorite authors, Fitzgerald, with a large glass of wine, no less.]
[Most importantly, looking forward to spending some quality time with some pretty amazing people.]

Between Christmas shopping, cooking, and playing with some of my favorite people, I haven't had too much time to blog, so I thought it'd be fun to list some things that are currently making me a very, very happy girl.  I hope you are all relishing in the last few days of the Holiday season, because they're running out fast, my darlings - much too fast in my humble opinion.  Enjoy them while they last, and remember to take notice of all the little things in life.. They're always the best.

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Berkeley said...

I love you ... My darling :) xx B

Angela said...

PUPPY CHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dying for it!