drunken gummy bears

Since my roommate had just finished up all of her exams and D and I had just wrapped up a long work week,  we decided to get creative and make a little treat - drunken gummy bears.  Weird, I know, but seriously, who doesn't love gummy bears and vodka?  The night before, we put a package of gummy bears (you can use whatever kind of gummy that tickles your fancy) into a bowl, covered them with vodka (again, you can use whatever kind you like - we just happened to have Smirnoff lying around), and then sealed them with plastic wrap overnight.  The next day, the gummies had transformed into juicy, vodka-soaked goodness.  We opted to make the snack even more fun by using chop sticks to pick them up so we could avoid having gooey fingers.  They were a lot of fun to pop into your mouth, and ended up being similar to bite-sized jello shots.  I definitely recommend them for a fun, casual party - they'll be sure to entertain!

Follow lovely little vices.


Anonymous said...

Do you think that if you let them soak for only a few hours it would still work? This is a great idea!

Ashley Johnson said...

Maybe! I'd definitely try to make them that morning if you want to eat them at night. They'll need at least 8 to 10 hours. Otherwise you'll probably just have gummy bear flavored vodka :)