new year's eve inspiration

There's nothing I love more than getting all dressed up for a night out, so New Year's Eve is certainly one of my favorite holidays.  Since it's such a big deal to me, I usually tend to spend way too much time choosing my outfit.  In an attempt to avoid spending what seems like hours playing around in my closet, I put together 3 very different looks for whatever your NYE plans may be.  I know they stir up a lot of inspiration for me - whether I want to go for an artsy/bohemian look, a glam/Parisian look, or a laid-back/luxe look - so hopefully they help you style a fun outfit as well.  Everyone knows you've got to bring in the new year with some serious style.. Don't let 2011 be any exception, my darlings.

Look I - Bohemian

Look II - Parisian

Look III - Laid-back Luxe

Oh yes, and don't forget to stock up on a few bottles of this.. Embrace all your lovely little vices to bid farewell to an amazing 2010.

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