all things that glitter

For me, cocktail rings evoke images of old Hollywood starlets holding champagne goblets as they flirt with men who resemble the dashing Cary Grant. They just seem to add that extra bit of "glam" to an outfit.  Through the years, I have found myself sliding them on more and more; from the office, to a day of shopping, and - of course - when out on the town.  
As you can see, I've accumulated quite a collection of cocktail rings.  They vary from vintage diamonds pieces from my great-grandmother, to simple ones adorn with semi-precious stones, and tons of the "cheap-thrills" variety I find at Urban Outfitters and Forever21.  That being said, next time you want to channel your inner Grace Kelly, go ahead and slide one on.. Everyone could use a little more glamor in their life!

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Kimberley said...

Pretty!!!I know how you love your rings!

Jess said...

I absolutely love the showcase of your rings. May I steal this?? Possibly a larger view too so I can get the whole idea haha... I just love this!!

Ashley said...

Aww thanks! Jess, I have a few more shots of the whole vignette that could help you create one. My rings were starting to overflow in the dish I had them in, so displaying them on the fur was more functional and fun! xx