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I’ve never been a huge Kanye West fan, but his new short film definitely caught my attention.  With inspiration from Federico Fellini, Stanley Kubrick, and Karl Lagerfeld and a little bit of Bon Iver’s “Woods”, how could it not? 
The imagery from the film is absolutely breathtaking – from the phoenix’s feathers, to the forest scene, and the abundance of gentle animals like the lamb and deer.  There’s also a good amount of style inspiration to take away from the film; I loved the ruggedly urban background behind the prim and graceful ballet dancers (plus the stark black tutus mixed with the worn-in point shoes is a great combination) and the dinner table is absolutely beautiful with its rustic undone-ness.  
The film premiered in Paris in front of some of fashion's elite where West gave a speech that stated, “I found when I used to come to Paris…I didn’t know what shows to go to, but I just wanted to see people display their art unadulterated, unfiltered by buyers which clearly expresses his appreciation of the art of fashion.  You can watch the whole film here.  Enjoy!


[photos courtesy of MTV.com and bloginity.com]
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Rebecca said...

I don't particularly love Kanye either- but these are gorgeous stills!! I love these shots! Thx for sharing ;)