Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays, so decorating my house with lots of eerie knick knacks makes me one happy girl.  I touched on Halloween decor earlier, but I found even more items recently; I bought the large black skull at Target, the raven at Michael's, and the small skulls and the silver skull at Kirklands.  I'm actually kind of bummed that Halloween is only a few days away.. I might just have to keep the decorations up for a little bit longer.

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Miranda said...

Those are such fabulous Halloween decorations, I love this time of year!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much! They were fun to pick out :)

Champagne in Slippers said...

These Halloween do-dads are amazing!!!! The glitter makes the skulls less scary, more glam - don't you think? I love your blog. I'm a new blogger too. :)

Ashley said...

Thanks! I'm glad you noticed the "glam" element of the sculls. I was going for a more chic look for Halloween. I love your site as well! Happy blogging :)

MacKenzie Smith said...

we got the same exact pumpkin! SO CUTE! miss ya girlfriend <3