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widespread panic (**sorry for the photo quality!)
This past weekend was my 23rd birthday, and - just like clockwork - the birthday blues came to pay me a visit.  I have no clue why I'm so glum on that day every year, but it just seems to automatically happen.  Luckily for me, though, my birthday always seems to brighten up in some way or another.  I guess it just goes along with my flair for the dramatic?

This past weekend, my amazing boyfriend, D, instantly pushed all my silly birthday blues away by taking me on a little weekend getaway to St. Augustine.  We started the weekend off with a Widespread Panic show (he's an Atlanta boy who loves his southern jam bands.. i just love any reason to dance to great music), then visited all the various local haunts that the city had to offer.  Lots of antique shops, delicious food, and beautiful scenery - I really underestimated the country's oldest city!

Little Love List:
1. Lots of quality time with D.. Always at the top of my love list.
2. Widespread Panic covered "Life During Wartime" by the Talking Heads, one of my favorite artists. 
3. The weather was gorgeous, so I was able to wear some items from my new fall wardrobe.. Scarfs, boots, and hats galore!
4. I channeled my inner Anthony Bourdain (a mild obsession of mine) by savoring the deliciousness that is pork belly for the first time at The Tasting Room.  We did this all while sampling the absurdly large wine list and listening to live Spanish guitar, I might add.
5. My birthday turned out to be absolutely amazing. All of my blues proved to be senseless once again. Hopefully I'll remember that for next year..

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