french vogue's 90th anniversary party

Dean Caten, Karolina Kurkova, Dan Caten, & Carine Roitfeld
photo courtesy of style.com
For my first "non-introductory" post, I thought it would be fitting to feature an event that involves WAY too many of my favorite things.  
To celebrate French Vogue's 90th anniversary, Carine Roitfeld, the magazine's editor-in-chief, hosted "Eyes Wide Shut" - an incredibly opulent ball named after Stanly Kubrick's last film before his death.  Every stylish guest arrived dramatically masked, and most of them were in spectacular avant-garde ensembles.  It was pure Parisian fashion heaven.  It's pretty sad to think about what crazy things I would have done to attend that ball! 

Little Love List:
1. French Vogue is amazing.
2. The event was held at the Hotel Pozzo di Borgo, an early 1700's hotel on the Left Bank (the artsier-side of Paris.. Ooh la-la).
3. They honored an amazing film directer with the name of the gala.
4. So many famous models, designers, and fashion big-wigs were partying together, that the photos from the ball provide endless eye-candy.
5. The event simultaneously celebrated the spooky fall season as well as the always remarkable Paris Fashion Week.
6. Tons of noir, noir, NOIR(the color that you'll quickly see is my favorite hue for clothing. It's classic, but edgy. It makes you look pulled together, yet it's effortlessly chic. I simply can't get enough of it.)!
7. Um, who doesn't love the mystery and seduction of a masked ball?


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