camel crush

If there was one fall "must-have" that fashion magazines wanted to drill into everyone's heads, it was most definitely the camel coat.  It compliments every skin & hair color, and makes you feel like you just stepped off a movie set.  The luxurious neutral goes with everything from black to cobalt blue as well, making it a smart buy that you'll be able to wear season after season. If that's not enough to make you want to dart right out to your local Nordstrom or Neimans, then let me demonstrate the array of styles and price-points the outerwear is offered in:

4. Casual cool: Eddie Bauer Duffle Coat

Oh yes, and it wouldn't hurt to pair any of those with these.. wink wink*

Now it just needs to get cold enough to wear all this in Florida right now.. A girl can dream.


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