the other side vintage

One of the great things about Tallahassee, Florida is its plethora of eclectic vintage shops.  The other day, I spent a few hours wandering around The Other Side Vintage, and walked away with some amazing finds - including the antique trunk pictured above.  The shop had a huge selection of shoes, hats, furniture, and also displayed a ton of adorable Halloween trinkets.  If you're in the area, definitely stop by and check it out!

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Megs said...

wow your so lucky to have such awesome vintage stores near you! and tht trunk is soo nice! i would love that in my living room.
your photos are such good quality.
that doll is a bit scary though! haha


Ashley said...

Thanks so much! And yes, the doll was a bit frightening, but I just couldn't resist with Halloween around the corner :)