bullet & a target

[cheap monday necklace.  f21 shirt.  ambiance apparel skirt. f21 moto boots.  my random array of rings and bracelets.]

I wore this out while shopping in Tampa with my mom (whom I miss dearly especially after getting to hang out with her so much during the holidays).  The boots were pretty comfortable considering they came from Forever 21, and the slouchy shirt was perfect for tearing on and off while trying on clothes.  However, the main highlight of my ensemble that day was the Cheap Monday necklace.  I love the antique gold and the tough look of the bullet pendant (even though they call it a rock on the website).  I even had several guys ask me why I had a bullet around my neck - which I found very amusing.  I may or may not have made up some outrageous stories about how I acquired it...

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Kirstin Marie said...

Cute outfit! I love that necklace. I used to have a choker in high school that was a combination of faux bullets and chain links. I think that putting something like a bullet on a necklace is really edgy.

Kirstin Marie

MsShamz said...

super cute outfit and that necklace is so edgy!
I'm throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)

evs said...

kind of ironic, no? :/