low luv x erin wasson

Despite the date being 1.11.11, I'm already starting to crave things like cream lace, cut off shorts, crochet accents, light colors and other summery staples.  I know I'm jumping the gun big time (especially because when it's August, I'll look back at this post and roll my eyes while dying of heat and wanting to wear fall fashion trends), but I just can't help myself; there are just so many awesome spring/summer inspirations out there right now!  
So, I've decided the only logical way to ease this absurd craving is through accessories.  Enter model/designer/girl crush Erin Wasson.  Her new jewelry line, Low Luv x Erin Wasson (available here), is absolutely gorgeous, and everything I could ever want for summer-time jewelry.  She has mastered the bohemian, free-wheeling style perfectly in her line, as she is a living example of how art imitates life.  Erin definitely has one of the coolest styles out there, and I'm thrilled that we can now own some of her earth-angel designs.

And to add to my longing for summer, here's a song I played way too much last year.  Bring on the nostalgia..

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Anonymous said...

loving your blog and i'll be back for your next post!
come visit COSMICaroline and stay tuned for the upcoming changes!! hope you're having a good 2011!


evs said...

Home is whenever I'm with you. <3