crochet shorts

When I first laid eyes on these Stone Cold Fox bloomers, I was instantly in love.  They would be the absolute perfect addition to my spring wardrobe.  However, they're price tag of $220 is just a little too expensive for some shorts that I would inevitably end up ruining by the end of a crazy summer.  After realizing this, I headed straight for my go-to shopping site, Shopstyle.com.  I ended up ordering these beauties pictured on the right for only $29.50.  I must say, when they arrived I was shocked by how cute and well-made they were.  The side even has a cool antique gold zipper that's not pictured on the site.  I can't wait to pair them with a slouchy black tank and some fun wedges once the weather warms up.  

Here's some style inspiration:

photos via fuckyeahfashionn.tumblr.com, google image, and personal inspiration stash

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Renee B. said...

These shorts are to die for! I love love love them. So glad you found a decently priced pair. I think I may have to indulge!

Ashley Johnson said...

DO IT! They are so worth it... I know I'll wear them a ton when the weather warms up. Definitely a nice change from the usual cut off jean shorts :)

Oh, and p.s. I'll be posting a look with the shorts today or tomorrow!

calla said...

i love those charlotte russe shorts. i couldn't believe how cheap they were. unfortunately when i finally decided to purchase them on the website, the only sizes left were l and xl :( i hope they restock!


Ashley Johnson said...

Calla, I'm so sorry to hear that! I posted them in the dead of winter because I wanted y'all to be able to get them before they sold out :( I'm sure they'll restock.. They're too cute not to!